Catalyst is the inspiration for the title of her new album, "Main Attraction" It is one of six original songs on this album.






Andalyn's video "Carolina Summer" took first place in the inaugural awards competition "Western NC Video Music Awards" in 2014. It was a song about living at the beach in South Carolina at the end of SR517 east of Charleston, SC.

Andalyn co-wrote this song (and Carolina Summer, and My Best Friend) with Steve and Brian Butler (Smash Palace) who also produced all three of these songs. It's Not Enough expressed a teenager's frustration with trying to deal with a young man that just does not "get it".


This is a song about losing a close friend and the hurt that followed.

Andalyn Lewis
Not Enough For Me

Title song for Andalyn's EP


An original song inspired by Andalyn, and
co-written with her mother Shell Danielson Lewis.


Click on the YouTube link below to see her videos each year from age 10 to current doing cover songs including rock and country"